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Chronicle for Higher Education by Discipline/Field-Thesaurus

The Chronicle Thesaurus

Academic administration
Academic advising/academic support services
Academic affairs
Academic planning: Use Curriculum and instructional development
Academic records: Use Admissions/enrollment/retention/registrar
Academic support services: Use Academic advising/academic support services
Accounting (campus): Use Financial affairs
Acting: Use Performing arts
Administrative affairs: Use Business/administrative affairs
Administrative assistance: Use Business/administrative support
Administrative computing: Use Computer services/information technology
Adult education: Use Teacher education
Adult education programs: Use Adult/continuing education programs
Adult/continuing education programs
Advancement: Use Development/advancement
Advertising: Use Public relations/advertising
Advertising (campus): Use Public relations/marketing (campus)
Aeronautical sciences: Use Vocational/technical fields
Aerospace engineering: Use Vocational/technical fields
Affirmative action/equal opportunity
African-American studies: Use Ethnic/multicultural studies
Aging: Use Human development/family sciences
Agreements: Use Grants and contracts
Agricultural sciences: Use Agriculture/animal sciences
Agriculture/animal sciences
Algebra: Use Mathematics
Alumni affairs
Alumni relations: Use Alumni affairs
American history: Use History
American literature: Use English/literature
American studies
Anatomy: Use Biology/life sciences
Ancient history: Use Classics
Animal sciences: Use Agriculture/animal sciences
Annual giving: Use Development/advancement
Arabic: Use Foreign languages/literatures
Archaeology: Use Anthropology/archaeology
Archival management: Use Library/information sciences
Art galleries: Use Arts/cultural organizations
Art history
Arts activities: Use Arts administration
Arts administration
Arts groups: Use Arts/cultural organizations
Arts/cultural organizations
Asian-American studies: Use Ethnic/multicultural studies
Assessment: Use Curriculum and instruction
Assessment organizations: Use Testing organizations
Associate Deans: Use Deans
Associations (educational)
Associations (nonprofit)
Astronomy: Use Physics/space sciences
Astrophysics: Use Physics/space sciences
Atmospheric sciences: Use Physics/space sciences
Audiology: Use Speech/hearing sciences
Automotive technology: Use Vocational/technical fields
Auxiliary services
Behavioral sciences: Use Social/behavioral sciences
Behavioral sciences: Use Other social/behavioral sciences
Biological sciences: Use Biology/life sciences
Biology/life sciences
Blind and deaf education: Use Special education
Boards: Use Institutional research/planning
Bookstore management
Botany: Use Biology/life sciences
Branch campuses: Use Extension services
British literature: Use English/literature
Budgeting: Use Financial affairs
Building: Use Vocational/technical fields
Bursar: Use Financial affairs
Business administration
Business affairs: Use Business/administrative affairs
Business/administrative affairs
Business/administrative support
Cafeterias: Use Food-services management
Calculus: Use Mathematics
Campus Internet: Use Computer services/information technology
Campus broadcasting
Campus computer services: Use Computer services/information technology
Campus health: Use Health services
Campus radio: Use Campus broadcasting
Campus security: Use Safety/security
Campus television: Use Campus broadcasting
Capital campaigns: Use Development/advancement
Car maintenance and repair: Use Vocational/technical fields
Career counseling: Use Career services
Career development: Use Academic administration
Career services
Cartography: Use Geography
Chaplain: Use Religious affairs/ministry
Chief academic officers: Use Chief academic officers/vice presidents
Chief academic officers/vice presidents
Chief business officers/vice presidents
Chief executives: Use Executive
Chief information officers: Use Chief technology/information officers
Chief investment officers: Use Chief business officers/vice presidents
Chief student-affairs officers/vice presidents
Chief technology officers: Use Chief technology/information officers
Chief technology/information officers
Child development: Use Human development/family sciences
Chinese: Use Foreign languages/literatures
Churches: Use Religious organizations
Cinematography: Use Film/video
Civil engineering: Use Engineering
Classical studies: Use Classics
Clinic (campus): Use Health services
Clinical psychology: Use Psychology
Cognitive sciences: Use Psychology
College administration: Use Business/administrative affairs
College stores: Use Auxiliary services
Commissioners: Use Superintendents/commissioners
Community development
Comparative literature: Use English/literature
Composing: Use Music
Composition: Use English/literature
Comptroller: Use Financial affairs
Computer engineering: Use Computer sciences/technology
Computer graphics: Use Digital media
Computer languages: Use Computer sciences/technology
Computer sciences: Use Computer sciences/technology
Computer sciences/technology
Computer services/information technology
Computer technology: Use Computer sciences/technology
Computers: Use Computer sciences/technology
Conducting: Use Music
Conference administration: Use Conferences/special event administration
Conferences/special event administration
Construction: Use Vocational/technical fields
Consumer sciences: Use Home economics/consumer sciences
Consumer studies: Use Home economics/consumer sciences
Continuing education programs: Use Adult/continuing education programs
Contract administration: Use Grants and contracts
Contract management: Use Grants and contracts
Contracts: Use Financial affairs
Cooking: Use Vocational/technical fields
Cooperative agreements: Use Grants and contracts
Cooperative education: Use Cooperative/experiential education
Cooperative/experiential education
Corporations: Use Other for-profit organizations
Cosmetology: Use Vocational/technical fields
Cost accounting: Use Accounting/finance
Counselor education
Creative writing: Use English/literature
Criminal justice/criminology
Criminology: Use Criminal justice/criminology
Culinary sciences: Use Vocational/technical fields
Cultural activities: Use Arts administration
Cultural organizations: Use Arts/cultural organizations
Cultural studies: Use Ethnic/multicultural studies
Curriculum and instruction
Curriculum and instructional development
Curriculum design: Use Curriculum and instructional development
Curriculum development: Use Curriculum and instructional development
Dance: Use Performing arts
Data base administration: Use Computer sciences/technology
Data base administration (campus): Use Computer services/information technology
Data-entry: Use Business/administrative support
Database administration: Use Computer sciences/technology
Database administration (campus): Use Computer services/information technology
Debate: Use Speech/rhetoric
Dental hygiene: Use Dentistry
Design/graphic arts
Developmental education: Use Teacher education
Digital media
Dining halls: Use Food-services management
Dining services: Use Food-services management
Directing: Use Performing arts
Directors: Use Executive directors
Disability education: Use Special education
Disability services: Use Student activities/services
Disabled student services
Distance education: Use Teacher education
Distance education programs
Domestic studies: Use Home economics/consumer sciences
Dormitories: Use Residence life
Drafting: Use Vocational/technical fields
Drawing: Use Art
Drug and alcohol awareness (campus): Use Health services
ESL: Use English as a second language
Early childhood development: Use Human development/family sciences
Early-childhood education: Use Teacher education
Earth sciences: Use Geology/earth sciences
Ecology: Use Geology/earth sciences
Editing/publications management
Education abroad: Use International programs
Education administration: Use Educational administration/leadership
Education leadership: Use Educational administration/leadership
Education psychology: Use Educational administration/leadership
Education research: Use Other education
Education theory: Use Other education
Educational administration/leadership
Educational organizations
Elderly: Use Human development/family sciences
Electrical engineering: Use Engineering
Elementary education: Use Teacher education
Elementary schools: Use K - 12
Employment: Use Career services
English as a second language
English composition: Use English/literature
English literature: Use English/literature
Enrollment management: Use Admissions/enrollment/retention/registrar
Environmental organizations
Environmental safety: Use Safety/security
Environmental sciences: Use Geology/earth sciences
Epidemiology: Use Other health/medicine
Equal opportunity: Use Affirmative action/equal opportunity
Ethics: Use Philosophy
Ethnic affairs: Use Minority/multicultural affairs
Ethnic awareness: Use Minority/multicultural affairs
Ethnic studies: Use Ethnic/multicultural studies
Ethnic/multicultural studies
Evaluation: Use Curriculum and instruction
Event administration: Use Conferences/special event administration
Exchange programs: Use International programs
Executive directors
Exercise physiology: Use Kinesiology/exercise physiology/physical education
Exercise science: Use Kinesiology/exercise physiology/physical education
Experiential education: Use Cooperative/experiential education
Extension services
External relations: Use Development/advancement
Extracurricular activities: Use Student activities/services
Facilities administration: Use Facilities management/physical plant
Facilities management/physical plant
Faculty affairs
Faculty development: Use Academic administration
Faculty recruitment and retention: Use Faculty affairs
Family sciences: Use Human development/family sciences
Family studies: Use Human development/family sciences
Farming: Use Agriculture/animal sciences
Fashion merchandising: Use Vocational/technical fields
Federal agencies: Use Government agencies
Finance: Use Accounting/finance
Financial affairs
Financial aid
Fine arts: Use Arts
Fire sciences: Use Geology/earth sciences
Food: Use Nutrition
Food sciences/technology: Use Agriculture/animal sciences
Food-services administration: Use Food-services management
Food-services management
For-profit organizations
Foreign languages/literatures
Foreign literature: Use Foreign languages/literatures
Foreign study: Use International programs
Forestry: Use Geology/earth sciences
Fraternities and sororities: Use Student activities/services
French: Use Foreign languages/literatures
Fund raising: Use Development/advancement
Gaming: Use Recreation/leisure studies
Gay studies: Use Gay/lesbian studies
Gay/lesbian studies
Gender equity: Use Affirmative action/equal opportunity
Gender studies: Use Women's/gender studies
General counsel: Use Legal affairs
Genetics: Use Biology/life sciences
Geology/earth sciences
Geometry: Use Mathematics
German: Use Foreign languages/literatures
Gerontology: Use Human development/family sciences
Gifted and talented education: Use Special education
Government: Use Political science/international relations
Government agencies
Government organizations: Use Nonprofit/government organizations
Grants administration: Use Grants and contracts
Grants and contracts
Grants management: Use Grants and contracts
Grantsmanship: Use Grants and contracts
Graphic arts: Use Design/graphic arts
Graphics: Use Digital media
Greek: Use Classics
Headmasters: Use Principals/headmasters
Health care (campus): Use Health services
Health education: Use Teacher education
Health services
Health-care management: Use Business administration
Health-care organizations: Use Medical/health-related organizations
Hearing sciences: Use Speech/hearing sciences
Hebrew: Use Foreign languages/literatures
High schools: Use K - 12
Higher education: Use Educational administration/leadership
Hispanic studies: Use Ethnic/multicultural studies
Historical societies
Home economics/consumer sciences
Horticulture: Use Biology/life sciences
Hospitals: Use Medical/health-related organizations
Hotel management: Use Business administration
Human development/family sciences
Human-resources administration
Indexing: Use Library/information sciences
Industrial design: Use Engineering
Industrial relations: Use Labor/industrial relations
Industrial technology: Use Engineering
Industry: Use Other for-profit organizations
Information office: Use Public relations/marketing (campus)
Information sciences: Use Library/information sciences
Information services (campus): Use Computer services/information technology
Information studies: Use Library/information sciences
Information technology: Use Computer sciences/technology
Information technology (campus): Use Computer services/information technology
Institutional marketing: Use Public relations/marketing (campus)
Institutional planning: Use Institutional research/planning
Institutional public relations: Use Public relations/marketing (campus)
Institutional research/planning
Instruction: Use Curriculum and instruction
Instruction design: Use Curriculum and instructional development
Instruction development: Use Curriculum and instructional development
Instructional technology education: Use Curriculum and instruction
Interior design: Use Design/graphic arts
International business: Use Business administration
International programs
International relations: Use Political science/international relations
Internet services: Use Computer services/information technology
Internet courses: Use Distance education programs
Internships: Use Cooperative/experiential education
Intramural sports: Use Athletics
Investments: Use Financial affairs
Italian: Use Foreign languages/literatures
Japanese: Use Foreign languages/literatures
Judicial affairs: Use Legal affairs
K - 12
K-12: Use K - 12
Kinesiology/exercise physiology/physical education
Korean: Use Foreign languages/literatures
Labor relations: Use Labor/industrial relations
Labor/industrial relations
Landscape architecture: Use Vocational/technical fields
Language arts: Use Teacher education
Latin: Use Classics
Law enforcement: Use Criminal justice/criminology
Law/legal studies
Leadership: Use Educational administration/leadership
Legal affairs
Legal counsel: Use Legal affairs
Legal studies: Use Law/legal studies
Leisure studies: Use Recreation/leisure studies
Lesbian studies: Use Gay/lesbian studies
Liberal arts: Use Humanities
Librarians/library administration
Librarianship: Use Library/information sciences
Library administration: Use Librarians/library administration
Library sciences: Use Library/information sciences
Library services: Use Librarians/library administration
Library/information sciences
Life sciences: Use Biology/life sciences
Linguistics: Use Other humanities
Literacy: Use Teacher education
Literature: Use English/literature
Local agencies: Use Government agencies
Mail services: Use Facilities management/physical plant
Marine sciences: Use Biology/life sciences
Marketing (campus): Use Public relations/marketing (campus)
Mass media: Use Media studies
Materials science: Use Engineering
Math education: Use Teacher education
Measurement: Use Curriculum and instruction
Mechanical engineering: Use Engineering
Media studies
Medical facilities: Use Medical/health-related organizations
Medical research: Use Medicine
Medical services (campus): Use Health services
Medical/health-related organizations
Meteorology: Use Physics/space sciences
Microbiology: Use Biology/life sciences
Middle schools: Use K - 12
Military studies: Use Security studies
Ministry: Use Religious affairs/ministry
Minority affairs: Use Minority/multicultural affairs
Minority/multicultural affairs
Modern history: Use History
Molecular biology: Use Biology/life sciences
Movies: Use Film/video
Multicultural affairs: Use Minority/multicultural affairs
Multicultural awareness: Use Minority/multicultural affairs
Multicultural studies: Use Ethnic/multicultural studies
Museum studies: Use Anthropology/archaeology
Native-American studies: Use Ethnic/multicultural studies
Network management: Use Computer sciences/technology
Network management (campus): Use Computer services/information technology
Newspaper: Use Journalism
Non-profit organizations: Use Nonprofit/government organizations
Nonprofit/government organizations
Norwegian: Use Foreign languages/literatures
Nuclear engineering: Use Engineering
Nurses training: Use Nursing
Occupational education: Use Teacher education
Occupational health: Use Safety/security
Occupational safety: Use Safety/security
Occupational therapy: Use Other health/medicine
Oceanography: Use Biology/life sciences
Office administration: Use Vocational/technical fields
On line courses: Use Distance education programs
Online courses: Use Distance education programs
Organizational behavior: Use Management
Organizations other than colleges
Other academic affairs
Other arts
Other business/administrative affairs
Other business/management
Other communications
Other education
Other educational organizations
Other executive
Other for-profit organizations
Other health/medicine
Other humanities
Other nonprofit organizations
Other professional fields
Other science/technology
Other social/behavioral sciences
Other student affairs
Painting: Use Art
Paralegal studies: Use Law/legal studies
Parking: Use Safety/security
Parks/recreational facilities
Performing arts: Use Arts
Performing arts
Performing arts groups: Use Arts/cultural organizations
Personnel development: Use Academic administration
Petroleum engineering: Use Engineering
Pharmacology: Use Medicine
Photography: Use Other arts
Physical education: Use Kinesiology/exercise physiology/physical education
Physical plant: Use Facilities management/physical plant
Physical sciences: Use Physics/space sciences
Physical therapy: Use Other health/medicine
Physics/space sciences
Physiology: Use Biology/life sciences
Pilot training: Use Vocational/technical fields
Placement: Use Career services
Planetary sciences: Use Physics/space sciences
Plant sciences: Use Biology/life sciences
Play writing: Use Performing arts
Poetry: Use English/literature
Political science/international relations
Portugese: Use Foreign languages/literatures
Pre-school education: Use Teacher education
Pre-schools: Use K - 12
Preschools: Use K - 12
Presidents: Use Chancellors/presidents
Primary schools: Use K - 12
Probability and statistics: Use Statistics
Professional fields
Programming: Use Computer sciences/technology
Psychological services (campus): Use Counseling
Public administration/policy
Public affairs: Use Public administration/policy
Public policy: Use Public administration/policy
Public relations (campus): Use Public relations/marketing (campus)
Public relations/advertising
Public relations/marketing (campus)
Public service: Use Public administration/policy
Publications management: Use Editing/publications management
Publishing: Use Editing/publications management
Purchasing: Use Financial affairs
Radio: Use Broadcasting
Reading: Use Teacher education
Recreation studies: Use Recreation/leisure studies
Recreation/leisure studies
Recreational facilities: Use Parks/recreational facilities
Recruitment: Use Admissions/enrollment/retention/registrar
Regents: Use Institutional research/planning
Regional planning: Use Public administration/policy
Registrar: Use Admissions/enrollment/retention/registrar
Rehabilitation: Use Other health/medicine
Religious activities (campus): Use Religious affairs/ministry
Religious affairs/ministry
Religious organizations
Religious studies: Use Religion
Religiously-affiliated nonprofits: Use Religious organizations
Reporting: Use Journalism
Research administration
Research organizations
Residence advisors: Use Residence life
Residence life
Restaurant management: Use Business administration
Retention: Use Admissions/enrollment/retention/registrar
Rhetoric: Use Speech/rhetoric
Risk management: Use Business administration
Rural development: Use Public administration/policy
Russian: Use Foreign languages/literatures
Safety: Use Safety/security
Sales: Use Marketing/sales
Scholarships: Use Financial aid
School administration: Use Business/administrative affairs
School psychology: Use Educational administration/leadership
Science education: Use Teacher education
Script writing: Use Performing arts
Sculpture: Use Art
Second-language acquisition and teaching: Use English as a second language
Secondary education: Use Teacher education
Secondary schools: Use K - 12
Secretarial studies: Use Vocational/technical fields
Secretarial support: Use Business/administrative support
Security: Use Safety/security
Security studies
Senior academic officers: Use Chief academic officers/vice presidents
Singing: Use Music
Slav: Use Foreign languages/literatures
Social sciences: Use Social/behavioral sciences
Social studies education: Use Teacher education
Social work/human services
Social-service organizations
Social/behavioral sciences
Sororities and fraternities: Use Student activities/services
Space sciences: Use Physics/space sciences
Spanish: Use Foreign languages/literatures
Special education
Special event administration: Use Conferences/special event administration
Special events: Use Conferences/special event administration
Special-needs education: Use Special education
Speech/hearing sciences
Sponsored research: Use Research administration
Sporting events: Use Athletics
Sports administration: Use Athletics
Sports management: Use Business administration
State agencies: Use Government agencies
Student activities/services
Student affairs
Student council: Use Student activities/services
Student financial services: Use Financial aid
Student government: Use Student activities/services
Student housing: Use Residence life
Student life: Use Student activities/services
Student loans: Use Financial aid
Student records: Use Admissions/enrollment/retention/registrar
Student relations: Use Student activities/services
Student services: Use Student activities/services
Student union: Use Student activities/services
Study abroad: Use International programs
Supercomputing and high-speed networks: Use Computer sciences/technology
Support staff: Use Business/administrative support
Swahili: Use Foreign languages/literatures
Swedish: Use Foreign languages/literatures
System administration: Use Computer sciences/technology
Systems administration (campus): Use Computer services/information technology
Teacher associations: Use Associations (educational)
Teacher education
Teaching: Use Curriculum and instruction
Technical education: Use Teacher education
Technology: Use Other science/technology
Technology administration, other
Technology transfer: Use Research administration
Telecommunications: Use Computer sciences/technology
Television: Use Broadcasting
Tenure: Use Academic administration
Testing: Use Curriculum and instruction
Testing organizations
Textile sciences: Use Engineering
Theater arts: Use Performing arts
Theater design: Use Performing arts
Theater groups: Use Arts/cultural organizations
Theology: Use Religion
Therapy (campus): Use Counseling
Think tanks: Use Research organizations
Title IX: Use Affirmative action/equal opportunity
Tourism: Use Vocational/technical fields
Traffic: Use Safety/security
Travel: Use Vocational/technical fields
Trigonometry: Use Mathematics
Trustees: Use Institutional research/planning
Tutoring: Use Academic advising/academic support services
Unions: Use Associations (educational)
University administration: Use Business/administrative affairs
University presses
Urban planning: Use Public administration/policy
VIce presidents of information: Use Chief technology/information officers
Veterinary medicine: Use Veterinary sciences
Veterinary sciences
Vice chancellors: Use Other executive
Vice presidents of business: Use Chief business officers/vice presidents
Vice presidents of student affairs: Use Chief student-affairs officers/vice presidents
Vice presidents of technology: Use Chief technology/information officers
Video: Use Film/video
Visual and performing arts: Use Arts
Vocational education: Use Teacher education
Vocational/technical fields
Web sites (campus): Use Computer services/information technology
Women's affairs: Use Minority/multicultural affairs
Women's studies: Use Women's/gender studies
Women's/gender studies
Word processing: Use Business/administrative support
Work study: Use Cooperative/experiential education
Workforce development: Use Academic administration
World history: Use History
Writing: Use English/literature
Zoology: Use Agriculture/animal sciences
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